Kennel History

My name is Mrs. Rudolfne Lendvay, aka "Izi" top quality reputable Poodle breeder. But let's start at the beginnig. As a spoilt little girl, I could get almost everything. I had my first disappointment at a dog show in Cegled: I've asked my beloved Grandmother to buy that little silver poodle, I saw there, but I didn't get it. That time we couldn't afford it.

My desire after a Poodle came true in 1981. I bought Világszép Agile, aka "Snooky" a black miniature bitch. She was my first Poodle. The sire of the first poppies who were breeded by me, were Aspen Anthony, who was importent from the U.K. by late Mrs. Sara Nagy. This is how Gottardo kennel was started. The kennel was named after a friend of my brother, Marco Gottardo, who has visited Hungary. Up to this day I think of Mrs. Sara Nagy respectfully and with much love, who helped me greatly in the beginning. She's advised me to keep from the first litter, Gottardo Amira aka "Fufu", who was even veteran category champion at age 11. I was for it! Poodle are my ruling passion!

In 1987 I purchased Cyrano Lucky Chance aka "Cindy" from the breeding of Mrs. Sara Nagy. I had my first big success with her. To be successful it is essential the good preparation. I am very thankful to Ms. Kata Giber, who beautifully groomed my dogs year by year. Later, I toyed with the idea, that I should groom my dogs, so with hard-working practise I became a dogcosmetical. I've passed the exam in Germany. The head of the committee was Mr. Rollf Eggerking, who is the present chairman of the German Poodle Club. In 1991 arrived the first male in my kennel, the black miniature poodle, Rick Black the Private Dancer. Rick was awarded many times, and became an Interchampion as well. In 1995 by a coincidence I got Silver Bess, teh silver miniature bitch, then in 1999 my friend Mr. Janos Farago presented me Celine Dion of Farjam, the white miniature bitch. I has a big Poodle family by that time. To freshen the black miniature line I've mate her with a male from the Harbovi kennel of Ute Eberhard, Sweden. I 've also brought one male and two bitches from Germany, from the Schelderwald kennel. As reputable breeder I try to produce teh ideal Poodle. My goal is to have a healty ang a high-standard breeding, my breeding program is based on accumulated knowledge of which dogs to use to produce the best Poodle.

Izi Lendvay
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